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♡ Hello, lovelies! I was in process of folding laundry as I do weekly and noticed how slow it was taking me to fold my socks. Not only was it taking me such a long time, the visual wasn’t appealing. All my socks were on top of each other and every time I’d reach for a pair of socks, a daunting feeling would take over my body. I knew there had to be a change and I was the only one who could create it. FYI my boyfriend doesn’t do laundry… on purpose… No Thank you! I tried a few folding techniques and thought I’d share with you the ones that I loved the most. In this quick video, you will see 3 very different ways I fold my socks and my client’s socks and maybe this will help you get your sock drawer organized and make doing laundry a little more fun.
If you have any questions about anything in this video, please don’t hesitate to ask me! ♡

I’m super excited and I hope you enjoy this video and lots of love!
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