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Tips and tricks for boot selection, Socks and Sock liners.

Data to backup my comments about shoe height and ankle support:

——-scientific articles———–

The protective effect of ‘high-top’ shoes remains to be established.

These findings provide preliminary evidence suggesting that wearing high-top shoes can, in certain conditions, induce a delayed pre-activation timing and decreased amplitude of evertor muscle activity, and may therefore have a detrimental effect on establishing and maintaining functional ankle joint stability.

There was no significant difference among these 3 groups, leading to the conclusion that there is no strong relationship between shoe type and ankle sprains

For extrinsic factors, although they found some discrepancies among the included studies, they generally reported that the prescription of orthosis, but not high-top shoes, could help decreasing the risk of sustaining ankle sprain injury in players with previous sprain history.

There is no scientific proof however that special socks or high-top shoes can prevent sprains.

There was no statistically significant difference in the incidence of lateral ankle sprains between recruits who trained in modified basketball shoes or standard lightweight infantry boots.

——-non-scientific articles———–

Contrary to common belief, however, high-top shoes offer no advantages in terms of foot or ankle support over their low-cut counterparts.

Therefore, this study showed no protective benefit in the incidence of an ankle sprain with the use of ankle braces worn by high school volleyball players