Chub Rub Shorts with Sam Reyes (How to avoid chub rub between your legs)

July 25, 2021 Off By admin

Excited that I could interview my friend Sam Reyes ( @theladyrey on Ig ) all about shorts made for helping out with the chub rub. Well, 2 of them are made for that. 2 of them are more like bike shorts that she uses to help with anti-chafing.

And, I ask her about the ultimate fat girl test. Which shorts are the best for a fat girl to wear while wearing a sundress in the heat of the summer to Disneyland? (Sam is a big-time Disney-freak.)

Thigh Society: Sizes 12 to 34

Girlfriend Collective: Waste sizes 22″ to 58″ Ethically made with sustainable materials

Day Won: Sizes 12 to 32 Made with recycled polyester and spandex maxi dry
Some of them have a back pocket above the butt!

We ran out of time, but she was going to talk about the big shorts from Old Navy because they are so affordable, but maybe next time. and same on IG @fatproductreviews on i.g. But, it is a brand new account, so we could use some love there !

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