DHB Women's Kit Review | Classic Thermal Bib-Tights Review | BLOK Thermal Mosaic Jersey Review

July 22, 2021 Off By admin

My review of the DHB Sport Classic thermal bib-tights and the BLOK thermal Mosaic jersey for AW16. See a snippet of my review below. For the full report, go to www.hannahoutside.com

Firstly, the Blok Mosaic Thermal Jersey is beautiful. Tiny pink squares crisscross over a background that fades from blue to purple – my kind of colours! The jersey itself has three back pockets, which are a good size for squeezing the essentials in. An extra zip pocket on the central pocket provides a safe place for keeping your card or keys. A high collar helps protect you against the cold. There’s a storm flap underneath the zip, too, to prevent wind going through.

Many thanks to Brand Nation PR for supplying this kit. I would like to take a moment to say that please don’t think this makes this review biased. I care a lot about getting women outside (again see my blog) and feel we should have the best kit and am on a mission to find kit to help us women get out there and enjoy doing the activities we love without worrying about things such as how our kit is going to perform. Therefore, my reviews are honest in the hope it helps other women like myself.