DIY Pusheen Cat Plush – Make Adorable Budget Plushies Using SOCKS!!

June 11, 2021 Off By admin

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So many of you wanted to a DIY Pusheen Plush so here it is ^_^!! I had problems finding grey socks to make normal Pusheen cat but I realised I already had pastel fluffy socks at home and they were perfect for making DIY Pastel Pusheens. You can use this for DIY gifts, DIY baby shower gifts or for anyone who loves Pusheen!

Difficulty: MEDIUM
Fluffy Socks* –
Polyester stuffing –
White craft glue –
*You can get fluffy socks from lots of discount shops or large supermarkets. Here’s a vlog of where I buy mine!

The hardest part of this DIY was cutting out the tiny bits of felt for the face. You’ll need a steady hand and a sharp pair of scissors. However since it barely uses up any fabric, you can keep practising until you get the shapes you want. I found it was easiest to make the mouth in two pieces. Another thing to watch out for in this DIY is that the sock fabric leaves lots of fluffy bits that cause the thread to tangle easily. So my advice is to use shorter lengths of thread to prevent unwanted knotting or tangling.

Please note, not all of my DIY videos are ASMR because many crafting techniques do no produce any sound. This includes sewing, clay or painting videos. That’s why those DIYs always have music in the background because otherwise they will be almost completely silent.

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Camera – Sony A6000 –
Tripod – Joby Gorillapod –
Light – 65W Ring Light –
Software: Final Cut Pro

Music courtesy of Audio Network
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Happy Valentines Day and hope you enjoyed this DIY plush tutorial! I’d always wanted to make a DIY Pusheen plushie and all the requests for Pusheen on my last DIY squishy video was the final motivation I needed ;D. If you can’t find the exact colours then you can also paint the detail on using fabric paint or DIY fabric paint (acrylic paint mixed with white glue). And of course, feel free to customise this plush for the person you want to give this DIY gift to. Instead of a heart, you can add a diy cookie, diy donut, letter of someone’s name etc!