Fix a hole in leggings – Sew shut a rip in tights – Easy hand sewing to fix holes and tears

June 13, 2021 Off By admin

How to fix a hole in your leggings. Easy way to sew shut holes in tights. Repair holes with easy hand sewing. No sewing machines needed.

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One day there was a girl who started cutting up and designing her own clothing. She learned tricks on how to do this easily, with only scissors, and sometimes a needle and thread. Now she uploads all these tricks to Youtube. You can learn to redesign your clothing too! Check out:

T-shirts are so cool and comfortable and you can cut them up to make them even more dope. I will show you the best way to cut a neckline, add pockets, make them into crop tops, add fringe pieces, cut off the shoulders, sew on some patches, and make old tshirts into awesome new designs. There are simple tricks you can use to make sure your shirts look even, symmetrical, and well done.

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You will end up with shirts that you feel good wearing because they were made by you! And it’s all about feeling good and having fun. With some style to match.