How Pantyhose & Socks Are made? Visit World Largest Sock Factory

June 15, 2021 Off By admin

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This video will take you to visit one of the world’s largest hosiery factory. And you will know every detail step of how socks and stockings are made.

The video shows how the rolls of yarns being processed step by step into pairs of socks and stockings. Besides, you will learn what kind of crafts make the stockings achieve different functions, like antibacterial, anti-mosquito and fragrant functions.

You will be amazed by the exclusive automatic pantyhose machines, which can complete three precise processes at the same time. It’s quite interesting to have a close view when it works, watching it cutting and sewing pantyhoses one by one.

I asked the manager of the factory, and he says, after all of the tedious processes and crafts, a pair of normal sock costs about $0.47-$1.1 in total. So importing sock from China, seems much cots-effective than other countries.