How To Make Pusheen Cat From SOCKS!! DIY Pusheen Cat Cute

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Today, Creative DIY will do pusheen cat from a sock very cute and easy !

Pusheen is a female cartoon cat who is the subject of comic strips and sticker sets on Facebook. Pusheen was created in 2010 by Claire Belton and Andrew Duff for a comic strip on their website, Everyday Cute. More recently, the Pusheen character has been used in social media posts and on the Pusheen blog.

Material for Flower Making:
– felt – black, dark grey (optional)
– 1 grey sock
– scissors
– fabric glue
– chalk or washable fabric pen for marking
– polyester fibre filling/stuffing
– thread – black or grey
– sewing pins (optional)
– needle


Step 1. Turn the sock inside out. Lay the sock flat with the heel flap folded towards the direction of the toe

Step 2. Draw the outline of the ears of Pusheen on the toe side and mark the end using the heel flap as a guide:

Step 3. Sew on the ear outline using backstitch

Step 4. Cut the excess fabric between the ears. Leave enough fabric so the stitches will still be intact. Then, cut along the bottom outline shown in the picture above

Step 5. Turn the sock right-side-out. Use a pointed object to make the ears pointy

Step 6. Fill it in with stuffing. Start with the ears. You can use a pointed object to help push in the stuffing. Then, gradually increase the amount of filling towards the opening. Make sure to use enough to prevent loose areas:

Step 7. Close the opening by using a running stitch around it and then pulling the thread. Make sure to end the stitch after so it doesn’t come loose:

Step 8. Using the top part of the sock, draw an outline for the tail. I used the heel of the sock as a guide:

Step 9. Sew on the outline using backstitch, cut the excess fabric and turn it right side out. Fill with stuffing. You may use a running stitch to close the opening.

Step 10. Pin the tail in place on Pusheen’s body using sewing pins. Use a ladder stitch to attach it:
Step 11. Cut out a pair of eyes, 2 large stripes for the body, 3 small stripes for the head and 4-5 stripes for the tail. I just estimated these using an image of Pusheen. Measure using the felt fabric by positioning it on the desired location of the plush and marking the length:

Tip: It is easier to use small scissors to cut out smaller areas

Step 11. Pin the stripes to their respective places, then use fabric glue to stick them in place.

Step 12. Make the shape of the mouth by marking an outline. You may sew using backstitch or trace it using a fabric marker

Step 13. Finally, cut out small pieces of felt for the whiskers, and glue them in place. You can also use fabric marker for this

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment!

Hope you are succesful !

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