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hey guys, in this video I show you five different ways to style arm warmers/fingerless gloves! arm warmers have been my fav accessorie recently & honestly, are super practical for the wintertime! this is my fav lookbook 2 date, obsessed w all the outfits 0:) hope u guys are too :*

fit one
kilt thrift
tank scalene studios
vintage ed hardy hat
jordan four bred
arm warmer etsy

fit two
all thrifted
arm warmer etsy

fit three
polo tee
thrifted jeans
thrifted belt
jordan 4 bred
arm warmer etsy

fit four
tank thrift
sweater juicy
revoly denim jeans
mega puff aritzia
bones hat

fit five
long sleeve oak & fort
cargo thrifted
arm warmer etsy

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