How to wear Tynor Anklet Comfeel for mild compression of the ankle |old age|arthritis|ankle sprains

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This video is meant to guide through the size selection and wearing process of Tynor Anklet Comfeel.
The product is designed to provide 4 way stretch for uniform and effective compression to the ankle. Woven in 3 dimensions it conforms to the complex anatomy of the anklet and provides a therapeutic comfort. With bilateral symmetry it can be used on either ankle.
Made from Neoprene sleeves to provide good cushioning and reduce pressure of gripping straps. The heel portion is mellowed to provide a great fit. The bilayered cotton on the inside make a dermophillic interphase improving sweat absorption, comfort and compliance. There is another bilayer on the outside of nylon to provide durability, improved aesthetics and color fastness. The dual-layer fabric concept support a interwoven air space that effectively retains body heat for optimum ankle health.

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