Snag Tights Unboxing…..OMG Just look at these Halloween Tights!!!!

July 30, 2021 Off By admin

Hello hello hello you gorgeous ghouls. I’m so excited to bring you my first unboxing video of my Halloween Snag Tights order. For those of you who follow my Insta page (TheHallowQueen81) you’ll know i’m a massive #Snag tights fan because of their quality, fit and customer service. This is neither a sponsored or gifted product. I have bought all of these tights at full price personally. I have put their contact and website details below and this is just for information and not an affiliated link.

Let me know your thoughts about Snag in the comments below and let me know if you’re in love with other great tights/hosiery/lingerie companies that offer plus size options as I’d love to give them a go and review for you.

If you have your own company and you’d like me to check you out too – please feel free to message me.

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Stay Creepy you beautiful Bats!