Sock Repair: Duplicate Stitch

Sock Repair: Duplicate Stitch

May 4, 2021 Off By admin

This sock is “pre-hole”. This is the point of wear when the stitches are so thin they are almost opaque. It’s a great time to fix this sock before an actual hole appears.

Materials/tools required: it’s very helpful to have a darning egg, or a lightbulb if you can’t get your hands on an actual darning egg. Also needed: a wool needle and a little more sock yarn.

How to embroider over the worn stitches using a technique called “duplicate stitch”. This repair method reinforces the worn area. Cynthia is using more sock yarn to do this repair, which results in a patch that is a little thicker creating a nice padded area. You can also use 2 ply repair yarn but Cynthia finds using left over sock yarn effective and practical.

Cynthia recommends starting the duplicate stitching at the bottom of the hole and working upwards.

A quick review of how to perform duplicate stitch and what to do when your repair thread/yarn runs out.

Reinforcing a thin spot on the bottom of sock using a highly contrasting yarn. Cynthia demonstrates a technique called “duplicate stitch” to embroider over the stitches in a spot on a sock that is wearing very thin. The high contrast yarn helps you to see the technique better.

Completed section of reinforcement. Now all that’s left is weaving in the tails!

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