Thigh High Boots DIY | Make Socks That Fit Perfectly | Elevate Your Shoe Game | Designisme Daily

September 1, 2021 Off By admin

Every time I search a sock /stocking or thigh high boot diy tutorial I get Elf shaped socks that fit weird, aren’t practical to wear over heels or in them for that matter and I’m left pissed off and frustrated! I filmed this tutorial for anyone like me who’s looking for a chic way to turn regular heels into super sexy boots on a budget!

With just a few easy steps, we’re gunna pattern draft a perfectly shaped sock pattern that’s easy to understand! Then we’ll construct a Full Thigh High sock that fits your feet as well as your shoes.

This tutorial will Change your life and elevate your shoe game in just 12minutes! LET’s SEW! 🧵